Escape From The Past

This is no friend but a recurrent dream

that brings fear and shrouds my future.

The shackles of the past hold me tight,

a prisoner in an old sanctuary


Flee the door and fear not the broken stair,

Steady your hand upon the rail and

watch for the treacherous threshold,

a precipice thinly disguised.


So many times my flight is

thwarted, my escape an illusion where

 the speeding lift delivers me only to a

platform of deception and deceit.


We are all captive here, not me alone,

as we climb and fall and seek to

traverse these dark and hidden corners

whose secrets never are revealed.


I know this dream, we meet often and I

wish to travel it no more. My soul is

tired of this dark and perilous journey

where every step brings dread.


Behind me now the jeweled city

 in the bright morning sparkle. I flee.

 A bridge, a train, a river. My toes skim

the water as freedom beckons.


Jump, jump, let the train go.

Squelchy, marshy ground and pools

of water between my toes. The river

guards me and I look back no more.

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