Talking With Simon Cowell

It was a complete mystery to me when my friends started freaking out, after I told them I had been talking with Simon Cowell.  I had posted a tweet and a note in LinkedIn, too.

Of course, at that time (in June 2009) I was totally oblivious to XFactor and XXXX’s Got Talent.  I was just very excited that everyone want to know more about what Simon was doing.  Simon Cowell is the founder of and presenter of TV’s Wildlife SOS. Wildlife Aid helps over 20,000 animals each year as they bid to redress the balance of man and nature His website is

We should be excited, too – because he is in Africa working with Gorillas right now.  He tweets:

wildlifeaid Wildlife Aid

I’m off tomorrow for 3 weeks in the Congo so I’m afraid my tweets will be sparce if at all for a while unless I can use Gorilla mail !  (March 10, 2011)

If you want to make a donation to his WildlifeAid campaign in the UK – I recommend you do so through his website.  He and the hedgehogs who have just come through a terrible winter will greatly appreciate it.

PS:  When he comes back from Africa, we really do need to get him to set up an easy blog – so he isn’t posting a string of Tweets that get spread about in your tweetstream.  If you are on Twitter, please follow Simon here and ReTweet his updates.
This was my original post, that caused all the girls hearts to flutter.

Using Twitter: FundRaising For WildlifeAid in the UK – Follow Simon Cowell on Twitter @wildlifeaid (June 27, 2009)

I just have to tell you – I got a phone call from the lovely Simon Cowell ( ) at 5:22am the other morning – well, it was 11:00pm for him – and a RT on Twitter about a fund raising drive for his charity that I have helped to set up from Australia .

He is just the most fantastic person and has a real dream about establishing a fully fledged rehab centre. Please check him out and follow him. His group needs the support of Twitter users – financially and to spread the word.

(RT @WildlifeAid Just spoken to the most lovely lady in Australia who tweeted about us today. [ Make a difference])

June 27, 2009

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