Are You Getting The Best Value From Being OnLine – Part 2a


In Part One of our series, Are You Getting The Most Value From Being Online? we discussed the value of using membership of No Tall Poppies as a portal to your online world and a great resource for building your business and personal profile.


In this discussion, let’s start talk about Business Networking – online.


Online Networking

One of the biggest threats to your successful networking on line is having the ability to post almost unlimited personal messages, blogs, tweets, Facebook links, group messages, comments, etc through a variety of services. STOP! STOP RIGHT NOW!

Online networking needs a plan.

Social Media can be very time consuming. There are so many networks, so little time! Almost every day, you will receive an invitation to join another new network – where you are offered the ‘opportunity’ to meet new people, find new clients, share more information. Newsletters abound! Frustrated bloggers beg you to ‘read their latest blog post’ and you sometimes wonder how they found YOU.

The very interactive nature of being online seems to demand an immediate response to any contact through Social Media. Consider it like this:

How do you feel when you are being served in a store or a restaurant and, because the telephone rings, you are suddenly ignored? How often is the person on the telephone given immediate attention, while you are expected to smile and wait?


How often is the caller told “I will have to call you back – I am serving someone at the moment. Please give me your number”? Which response would you prefer? Which response shows you respect?


Show Respect!

If you want to build strong, long lasting relationships in your business networking, you must first show respect for the time and energy of your network colleagues.

Show respect for the demands being made on your networking colleagues’ time. Especially when they may be experiencing a very busy time in their own business.


The first working week of the New Year usually means an inbox full of emails! And a lot of stress! If they have been away on holidays, changed jobs or moved address, they will be under the pump! If you know that there has been a loss in their family or amongst friends, show respect and give them some space.


Consider whether what you have to say is absolutely critical for them to hear it now. If it is not, tell them later. Maybe, later, you will decide that they don’t need to hear it at all.

Choose Your Medium, Choose Your Audience

Plan how you intend to network online and choose your medium to match your audience.

Online networking offers many platforms and your audience will often indicate to you how they would like to network online with you.


In this post, we will consider two of the most popular: Twitter and Facebook.

We will discuss email and other options later in the series.


  • Twitter: If some of your network follow you on Twitter, they have indicated that they are happy to network with you there. They can always search for your Tweets by a keyword search in Twitter, reviewing your personal tweetstream, checking a #hashtag or responding to a direct tweet. By following you, they have already told you that they want to read your tweets. Maybe not all of them, immediately – but they certainly can source them in a number of different ways, in their own time.

    • To network effectively on Twitter, you must respond to tweets addressed to you with the @, comment from time to time (maybe a dozen times a day) on the tweets of your various followers and RT about the same number of tweets. To post around 30 tweets spread over a full day is not too many, shows you are interactive and listening – but respects the tweetstreams of your followers.
    • If your promotional tweets (six or eight a day) include one or two links to your blog on your No Tall Poppies personal profile, your Twitter following will grow and you have shown respect by allowing your Twitter network to read your blog in their own time.
    • If you add the widget for the Twitter Tracker to your personal profile on your No Tall Poppies page, your followers can easily visit your profile and follow your tweetstream. You can see what it looks like, by scrolling to the bottom of this profile page: Profile page (example)
    • Keep a note of how often you tweet – when those tweets are NOT replies, RT or comments. When your personal tweets add up to 6, 8 or 10 – STOP! If you are following a hashtag tweetstream – restrain yourself to a maximum of 6 tweets in an hour. Then STOP!

    If they RT (retweet) you, that is the greatest compliment of all on

    Twitter – because they are recommending you to their own followers.


If some of your network follow you on Facebook (on your personal profile or by “Liking” your business (previously Fan) page, they have indicated that they are happy to network with you there. However, using Facebook needs more strategic planning for business success than Twitter.

  • Facebook: Using Facebook to network online offers several different options and it makes sense to first plan how you will use your Facebook interactions before you start posting.

    • Will you have only a personal profile – or will you have a combined profile and a business page (previously a “Fan” page) Example Facebook Business Page
      • If you have both a personal profile and a business page, you must be careful about choosing the “share” option because you may end up posting your updates in duplicate. It is reasonable to expect that most of your personal friends will have “Liked” your business page and will get notifications of updates posted there.
    • How often will you update your business page – bearing in mind that every time you update and share, everyone who has already “Liked” your page gets a notification of that update?
      • If you have a business page, it makes sense to update it once or twice a day at the most. When you have something new to share; a new product to promote; a success story to tell; something that is business related. You would not update a website every day – five times a day. Your Facebook business page needs to show the same consideration for those who have liked it! If you don’t show respect, you will soon get “Unliked” and see your online influence diminish rapidly.
    • If you have a personal profile (which doesn’t have the “Like” option), will you accept many friends, up to the 5,000 limit? Peter Taliangis’ Facebook Profile
      • We highly recommend Peter’s Facebook profile as an example of a well managed Facebook site that promotes his business.
    • If you have created a business page with the “Like” option, will you “Like” the pages of everyone who “likes” you, as a promotional concept? Or will you only return the favour to those whose network seems to be harmonious with the target audience for your own business?

      • Many networks (like LinkedIn) now have groups or discussions that specifically target getting “likes” for Facebook business pages, where hundreds of unknown, unmoderated links are offered.
      • No Tall Poppies Facebook Fans is a group specifically created to allow members of No Tall Poppies to “Like” each others Facebook pages and to promote their own Facebook page to their personal networks, where they are more likely to find people receptive to their business offering.
    • How will you moderate the posts to your Facebook profile and business page?
      • Will you be interactive and make sure that your Facebook profile and business page are not spammed, either deliberately, or unintentionally by new Facebook users?
      • How will you communicate your moderation policy? Will you message directly when someone needs to have a post or comment removed? Will you have your moderation policy written up as Notes?

How Can No Tall Poppies Help You

Get The Most Value In Twitter

and Facebook?


Using your No Tall Poppies page to communicate through Twitter and Facebook makes it very easy to implement a strategic online networking plan, that will ensure you show your network that

  • you respect them
  • you do not make too many demands on their time
  • you keep them informed and updated
  • you offer communication options of their choice

By adding your Twitter and Facebook links to your No Tall Poppies profile, you can tweet and link your blogs, events, discussions and updates as part of building and enhancing your online profile.


Even more than that, by using your No Tall Poppies blog and discussions to create good content, you will improve your recognition by Google as it indexes this Ning network.


How Will We Help You

Get More Value From Being Online?


Over the next ten days or so, we will post additional articles to show you how being part of the No Tall Poppies network will enhance your enjoyment of being online and bring more value to your internet experience. You can post photos, link to videos and much, much more.


PS: If you have enjoyed this article, you will enjoy Lesley Dewar’s book Networking To A Plan which has a wealth of information on networking, using Twitter and email. Nothing to buy – it is her gift to you.


PPS: If you want to share your Facebook business page with Lesley Dewar, please “Like” Stories My Nana Tells on Facebook and we will happily return the favour.

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