Are You Getting The Best Value From Being OnLine?

Are You Getting The Most Value From Being Online?

Today’s blog is the first in a series, to discuss ways you can use a networking group like No Tall Poppies with an absolutely free Membership to improve the value of the time you spend online. Where you can establish a personal page, customise it to suit yourself, create a blog and also connect directly with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, your own website and external blogs that you have elsewhere.

No Tall Poppies is a supportive networking group, based on a Ning platform that offers many options for Members to build their online profile and share their expertise, blogs, businesses and stories. Being on line can be very time consuming, when you want to use Social Media to help build a business as well as interact with friends and family in a personal way.

You are also welcome to establish a business membership – provided you understand that we have a ZERO SPAM tolerance here.

Building your online presence needs you to create a great welcome for anyone who comes to your page. Google searches and indexes the content of Ning networks, so having a good, content rich profile on your Ning Membership page is a critical first step if you want to help Google to find you.

If you would like to see how Google displays my profile at No Tall Poppies, simply Google [lesley dewar no tall poppies] to see it.


When you meet someone new at a networking event, a social function, in business, are given a business card or even speak by telephone – the first step to creating a mutually harmonious relationship is to exchange some information about yourselves.

  • How are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • What do you do?
  • Who do you know who is here, too?
  • How can I help you?
  • What do you need, today?
  • Is there someone you want to meet?

These are the everyday questions we ask one another as part of finding out whether we can work or play together. In the offline world, those questions are surrounded by a whole barrage of physical information as well:

  • Your smile (or not)
  • Your appearance (welcoming or not)
  • Your clothes (well groomed or not)
  • The venue (office, shop, cafe, meeting, etc)
  • The occasion (wedding, funeral, networking, business meeting, conference, etc)
  • The weather (hot, cold, snowing, flood, fire, rain)
  • The season of the year (winter, summer, spring, autumn)

and so on – all things that help set the scene for your initial meeting. You usually have some control over the place and timing of your first meeting.

Online – it is entirely different. You cannot control when someone will “meet” you online. When they do – how well do you present to them?

Will they get a smile from you, online? Or will they be presented with a blank egg (on Twitter); a blank Gravatar symbol when you post your comments on a blog; a default picture of someone else’s choosing when they visit your profile at a Meetup website or a networking group. It is so important, in the sterile world of cyberspace, to present yourself well.

Having a good, online profile is essential if you want to build trust and develop relationships for friendship or business through the internet. If your business is primarily internet based, it is even more critical that you present yourself in the most favourable light – without “gilding the lily”, shall we say.

What should your profile include, on a networking site?

The profile questions will usually have some requests for mandatory information that include location (by Country, at least) and gender. These are often required by network creators to help manage the membership.

No Tall Poppies is a permission based network, requiring approval of new members. Spamming is so frequent on the Internet that it is easier to approve a member beforehand than it is to remove their spam and the member, after the event. Apart from asking how you found the network and requesting some personal information about you, to make the approval process easier, nothing is mandatory.

However, since the purpose of being online (in most cases) is to be found and to share your ideas, business, blogs or interests, there is a variety of linking options your profile can include. Please note that on a Ning site, you must enter the full URL, including the http://

  • Twitter: Your twitter address (this allows you to Tweet directly to your selected Twitter account from your No Tall Poppies page)
  • Website: Your principal website or your Gravatar address (highly recommended) Having a Gravatar established allows for multiple links to be displayed from a single point. If you are not sure how a Gravatar works, you can check mine at Lesley Dewar’s Gravatar
  • LinkedIn: Your direct link to your LinkedIn profile, which can then be viewed.
  • Facebook: Your direct link to the Facebook page of your choice – which can be your business page, rather than your personal profile. This allows you to post directly to your Facebook page from your blog and it also allows visitors to your No Tall Poppies profile to be directed to the “Like” page of your Facebook profile.
  • Blog: Your direct link to a blog – outside of the blog attached to your own page in No Tall Poppies
  • Second Blog: Your direct link to a second blog, external to your page on the network.
  • Hobbies and Interests: An optional field to add more personal information, if you wish.
  • Children and Pets: An optional field to add more personal information, if you wish.

How Will Being A Member Of No Tall Poppies

Help Me Get More Value From Being Online?

In many other places online, you will be able to post a brief profile about yourself and use the URL to your No Tall Poppies page as a link to bring people back to your central portal where all your other links are provided, as well as allowing your network blog to be seen. It becomes a central place from which you can work, blog, post, email and interact with Twitter and Facebook. Every time you post your profile link on the net, it will bring people to your No Tall Poppies profile page and the links to all your sites.

You will have a central point at which you can maintain your profile details, update and change them as needed and minimise the risk of anyone clicking on a link and not finding you.


How Will We Help You

Get More Value From Being Online?


Over the next ten days, we will post additional articles to show you how being part of the No Tall Poppies network will enhance your enjoyment of being online and bring more value to your internet experience. You can post photos, link to videos and much, much more.


PS: If you have enjoyed this article, you will enjoy Lesley Dewar’s book Networking To A Plan which has a wealth of information on networking, using Twitter and email. Nothing to buy – it is her gift to you.


PPS: If you want to share your Facebook business page with Lesley Dewar, please “Like” Stories My Nana Tells on Facebook and we will happily return the favour.

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