Surfing, Searching, Slaying, Scams and Spam

 Surfing, Searching, Slaying, Scams and Spam

One of the most fun things about the internet is the vast amount of information for which you can search and find, at the touch of a button.

“Surfing the net” is a term used to describe random expeditions into the depths of the internet’s libraries and you can turn up all sorts of weird, wonderful and sometimes wacky stuff. It’s very easy to be drawn away from your initial target topic, by your eye catching an intriguing headline or a whimsical quote. Surfing the net is the time that you are most likely to go ………. ABC Technology

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Passionate about story telling and getting kids involved with adventures to improve their self esteem and self-confidence Blogger, Author, Networker, Social Media, Activist.
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