Oil Spill Endangers Wildlife In Western Australia

If you haven’t done so already, Please sign the Kimberley oil spill petition to stop disasters like this happening again.

Save Our Marine Life – Oil Spill Petition

Australia has a poor history in protecting its unique species.  While The PM and his Deputy were spruiking the attributes of their favourite football teams in the AFL, thousands of whales, dolphins, dugongs, sea birds and shore line wildlife have been put at risk by the oil spill off the coast of Western Australia.

We need to see clear and decisive action from the Federal and State Governments to create a swathe of marine parks around our pristine coastline to protect our unique animal and marine life.

Please use this link to petition your local Australian Member of Parliament to get the Federal Government to legislate for the parks and to provide the money for their support and maintenance.  If you are overseas, use the link to tell the Prime Minister of Australia that we, as a world, care about how we impact on this fragile planet.

Please sign the Petition for Marine Parks

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One Response to Oil Spill Endangers Wildlife In Western Australia

  1. Philip Carman says:

    Good stuff – getting people aware of their environment, but I’m going to suggest that there’s an elephant in the room that is being ignored… the commercial “trialing” of GM food crops is the cane toad-issue of our generation – one that the next generation will be desperately attempting to roll back if we don’t stop it in its tracks – now!
    How about we get some action on (and letters written to the Ag. and Food Minister, who is a “born again”, develop at all costs, dolt) before we get lumbered with another environmental and economic disaster?
    Those who warned of the cane toad’s potential to wreak the environment, 60-70 years ago, were ignored as the “conventional wisdom” of the various economists/agronomists and farmers prevailed… and we may well see exactly the same situation repeated with GM food crops. Once introduced and widespread they become totally endemic and choice is removed permanently.
    Your blog may be a great help in spreading the word. Please do some research or contact me for references.
    Best regards to you “Nana”,

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