Save Our Marine Life screens new film

Save Our Marine Life is excited to announce the first screenings around Australia of acclaimed new film, The End Of The Line.

Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this year, this powerful new documentary uses interviews with world leading scientists, activists and fishermen, brilliant underwater footage and sweeping cinematography to tell the story of the devastating impacts of over-fishing on our oceans and fishing communities, and the simple solutions to the problem.

The following community screenings have been secured prior to wide cinematic release.

– Fremantle – 26th and 27th September
– Melbourne – 2nd October
– Mount Lawley, WA – 6th October
– Hobart – 8th October
– Adelaide – 18th October
– Newcastle – 20th October

More events are planned, with screenings in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth suburbs on the way.

If you want to purchase tickets, find out more, or watch the film trailer visit

All the best

David Mackenzie
Conservation Council of WA
For Save Our Marine Life

PS. If you haven’t done so already, Please sign the Kimberley oil spill petition to stop disasters like this happening again.

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