Open Letter to The Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister 

You must be as pleased as so many of us are, that the sister City of Broome, Taiji, has suspended its dolphin cull this year.  While they officially say it is due to the low price of dolphin meat, there is no doubt that the international condemnation of the dreadful dolphin and whale slaughter that continues in Japan is one of the prime reasons.

The screening of the movie “The Cove” has made this travesty of ‘culture’ highly visible.  The Cove Movie 

Our Japanese neighbours are extremely concerned about the loss of face that their continued hunting will cause them, in international circles.  With your unique understanding of their culture and that also of the Chinese, you know how important it is that any Government continues to do itself what it requires of others.

In this context, we are extremely concerned about the impact of the oil blowout of the coast of Western Australia.

As the Prime Minister, we call on you to:

1) Ensure that the West Atlas oil spill is capped at the earliest possible time, and all necessary resources are made available to clean up the slick and treat affected wildlife.

2) Commission an independent expert inquiry into how Australia can be better prepared to respond to similar disasters in future.

3) Create an Australia-wide network of marine sanctuaries which buffer and protect the most important parts of the Australian marine environment from polluting development.

Creating a real balance between the needs of our unique wildlife and the pristine wilderness of the Kimberly with the economic development of the North West is not a easy task.  The people of Australia call on you to apply the most stringent controls on the oil and gas industry, to protect our environment and our wildlife, within their plans to develop our natural resources.

We urge your Government to act quickly both in this matter and also in the matter of extending the marine sanctuaries so greatly needed to help protect our unique and highly diversified marine life.

Yours sincerely

Lesley Dewar


Take action NOW!

Ask Your federal MP to support large marine sanctuaries

Ask Your federal MP to support large marine sanctuaries


Please add your own thoughts and send a direct message to the Prime Minister of Australia regarding the Oil Spill  

Contact your own Federal Member of Parliament and tell them that you understand the the need for more MarineSancturaries around our Australian Coast and urge their support.

We had over 12,000 people visit this blog to read the original story about the dolphin slaughter in Taiji

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