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Ringwraith and his black horse

Ringwraith and his black horse

With a thudding heart, I watched the black rider come down the road and shrank even closer to the side of the road, so vulnerable in the fading light with just a few bushes to hide us from the ominous threat. Corrupted by the power of his own Ring, the Ringwraith’s body had faded until it was invisible to any mortal eyes.



Yet, beneath his black hood and robes, his eyes reflected the hellish red rays of the setting sun, its light glintedon his sword and our terror deepened when his unholy face swung away from the light towards us and we feared that his poisonous Black Breath might strike us where we lay. Alongside me, Frodo had his eyes fixed on horse and rider – for we had barely………..

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About Lesley Dewar

Passionate about story telling and getting kids involved with adventures to improve their self esteem and self-confidence Blogger, Author, Networker, Social Media, Activist.
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