Linda says “Ban on Second Life has started”


Linda – Do I understand you correctly? That you can still log in to Second Life – but you can only access a PG area and from there you cannot progress to an “adult” area? I am not familiar with SL, so I don’t actually know what is classified as an “adult” area in comparison to any other area in SL? Lesley

Australia To Ban Second Life
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It’s already happened, I verified my age and everything is there, but I cannot access any adult areas.

When I do it crashes the whole SL Client, if I try to login from last location it screws up and crashes until I tell it to go to a PG area…


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One Response to Linda says “Ban on Second Life has started”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think its totally unfair to remove a internet recreation activity such as Second Life and WOW. There are far more internet websites that promote child abuse than secondlife. Why should people that spend their recreational dollars on meeting people from all over the world in an interactive way such as SL. You would be much fairer if there was a gateway link that needed to be age verified for adults to access second life. What ever happened to democracy in our Country? When did politicians stop listening to the little people, especially those with a disability that use SL as their only social outlet. This Game is not all about sex, some of us build and run clubs to enjoy music from all over the world. For some people this is all they have, don’t punish the minority. Think hard why you became a politician and who helped you get there! Thank you

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