Aust Govt Must Act Against Japanese Whaling

There is no doubt that the International Whaling Commission is wallowing in a sea of bribes, inertia and a lack of will to tackle the real problem – that Japan will not come to the negotiating table with both hands open and clean of whale blood. Their continued stance regarding ‘scientific’ slaughting of whales is indefensible and Australia must honor its earlier stands against these unnecessary and horrific acts.

The call by Greenpeace should resound around the world – when one considers that it was bringing whaling to an end in Australia that really set Greenpeace up to become the environmental force it is today. Surprised? You shouldn’t be! Here is the real story about Greenpeace and they have a historical legacy to uphold when it come to the fight to protect whales. Greenpeace – It Is More Aussie Than You Think

Here is the link to the Greenpeace story about the IWC.
Is There Life In The IWC?

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Passionate about story telling and getting kids involved with adventures to improve their self esteem and self-confidence Blogger, Author, Networker, Social Media, Activist.
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