Hundreds of Dolphins Saved By Fishermen

Not all fishermen disregard the wellbeing of the creatures of the sea.

Quote” The pod included 200-300 dolphins but only three died. It is common for dolphins to beach themselves in the Philippines but rarely in such great numbers. On this occasion they were melon-head dolphins …..”

Here is A GOOD NEWS story that will make you feel happy to read it. Dolphins  saved   

What a difference from the story about the Japanese in the town of Taiji Dolphins slaughtered


At least Australians have learned to stop killing whales – and you should read this story – to hear both sides of the argument. Read the story of how Australia stopped whaling

Express your feelings about whaling here Should Whaling Be Stopped?



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One Response to Hundreds of Dolphins Saved By Fishermen

  1. beautiful story about the dolphins in the Philippines! thank you for posting.

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