Is Your Facebook Page Name Hidden On Your Personal Profile?

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Dark Words For A Dark Soul #blogboost

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Are you a FIFO parent? This story is for you.

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A Pinprick Of Light

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Three Words – Touch, Quiet, Gift

The idea of setting three words to help guide you and keep you on track in achieving your goals comes from Chris Brogan, who outlines in his blog how you can cut through all the mission statements, visions and strategic planning by selecting three essential words.

Quoting from his own article at the beginning of 2009, he wrote:  “If you’re not familiar with the exercise, the object is to come up with three words that you use as compass points for your efforts over the year to come. They’re not resolutions. They’re ways of framing what you plan to do in the coming year.” 

Rather than being hard and fast objectives, the words you choose should be multifunctional and provide a number of different ways of being applied …. Nana’s Blog – Three Words

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Protected: Gorillas on the go!

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How Quirky Is Your Sense Of Humour?

On the way back to the car park after this morning’s breakfast, I asked a complete stranger if I could share a joke with him. He looked a bit quizzical but said yes.

I pointed out a sign which offered “Wellness Scanning” visually represented by a woman in a white coat looking through a microscope.

I said to him – Look at that! They will scan you to see if you have any wellness in you and if you do, they will get rid of it for you, immediately.

He nearly wet himself laughing and said the word “wellness” will never be the same for him again.

I said “I don’t have “wellness.” I am well, thank you very much.”

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